AnchelAnchel Lorin
Age: 22
DOB: December 9
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Coming into the city at the age of 17, Anchel’s goal was to find her missing parents. Now at the age of 22, her main goal is to survive. Currently living in an abandoned building with several other people; she runs errands and missions for Tove.







ColeCol Shi
Age: 8
DOB: March 17
Zodiac: Pisces

A mysterious boy who showed up during one of Anchel’s errands. The child had a painful collar around his neck and rarely speaks to anyone. When he does speak it’s usually in broken sentences. He seems to be attached to Anchel, most likely because he’s thankful for being saved. It can be cute now and again, but at times it’s a burden. He’s currently staying with the group until they find him somewhere else to live.